Welcome to iSockz Pantyhose Malaysia

We start with a very simple idea of bringing multiple colored choices and fashion pantyhose to Malaysia ladies. There are very limited color, thickness, pattern and quality choices of hosiery in the market. Let's not forget the price is high too. We strike to bring in high quality pantyhose at affordable price.

We have thin 20D colored pantyhose, the normal thin type of pantyhose suitable for different occasion, medium 50D pantyhose that are very nice for Malaysia weather yet having longer lifespan than thin one. We also have medium thick 80D full range of 37 colors that will not show skin yet not too hot to wear. Last the thick 300D colored thick tights that is good to wear under cold working office. Other than those, we have a few types of leggings ranging from shinning or non-shinning leggings and different length of it.

We believe there will be more than one type of pantyhose socks that best match with your needs. By enjoying the online low wholesale price of socks, we set the minimum order quantity as RM50 and purchases for up to RM100 will entitled for free shipping. Thank you for your visit and please enjoy your stay here.